RDQ Engineering Inc. provides a wide range of engineering services, spanning all steps of a building’s life cycle.

Structural Engineering

Taking a structure from concept all the way through to completion is what excites us at RDQ. We analyze and design structures to be built using steel, masonry, and concrete. RDQ recognizes that no two buildings are alike, and we take pride in working with clients to bring their visions to life.

Building Science

This aspect of our service offerings is built around creating solutions for structural problems that require a scientific approach. This includes conducting building envelope investigations, integrity inspections (using both destructive and non-destructive methodologies), providing design drawings and technical specifications, and ensuring code compliance. RDQ’s engineers are versed in a wide range of techniques and standards in the discipline of building science.

Asset Management

For property investors of any size, RDQ provides a suite of engineer-led asset management services that can be beneficial at any stage of ownership. This includes property evaluation and inspection, producing property condition assessment reports, conducting reserve fund studies and performance audits, and forming strategies for efficient planning and maintenance.

Project Management

Every structural project has many moving parts, and properly managing these moving parts is integral to a project’s success. In addition to offering project initiation and planning services, the eyes of RDQ’s experienced engineers can be used to provide quality assurance and quality control in the course of a given project. At the job site level, RDQ also offers field review and monitoring services. RDQ can also administer and manage contracts with vendors and service providers on behalf of clients.

Professional engineers, professional results
Covering all the bases for your project

Transparency and Communication

Never worry about the status of your project; RDQ always keeps clients in the loop every step of the way.

Technological Advising

Technology changes, but the fundamental principles of engineering do not. Let us guide you in the intelligent use of technology in your project or structure.

Creative Solutions

Attaining exceptional results sometimes requires thinking outside of the box. Our experienced engineers know how to apply creativity to projects of any size.

Scheduling and Profitability

We recognize you value your time and money, which is why we provide realistic, fair, and conservative time and budget estimations so that you can base your decisions on calculated predictions; not guesses.

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